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Ms. Susan Williamson » Welcome to Room 4!

Welcome to Room 4!

     The important thing you should know about Mrs. Williamson is that you can trust her not to freak out in front of you. She may not have the answer right away; she may not even have the answer until tomorrow. And, she probably will freak out as soon as you leave the room. But the important thing about Mrs. Williamson is that you can trust her.
Goals for this year:
The students will be proficient at all California state standards for second grade.
The students will be aware of aspects of good character such as fairness, responsibility, honesty, and willingness to solve problems.
The students will develop study skills that will carry them through second grade and into third grade.
Academic Expectations:
  • The students will score benchmark or above on all periodic assessments.
  • The students will demonstrate academic proficiency by participating in classroom discussions.
  • The students will consistently complete homework assignments with an increasing level of sophistication.
Behavioral Expectations:
  • The students will function on a daily basis according to our classroom rules: Be fair, be kind, be safe, be smart.
  • The students will become increasingly aware of the distinction between issues and behaviors that belong at home and issues and behaviors that can be brought into the classroom.
  • The students will become increasingly aware of how to be respectful and responsible in as many areas of life as possible.